Linux Step By Steps


     From: Mike Andrew     Oct 2001

A personal cron daemon is available to every user. It acts identically to the superuser, is subject to the same rules and syntax, but naturally, can only execute user-permissioned jobs.

      The all important file is $HOME/crontab

simply place anything you would as per an /etc/crontab, omitting the 'user' field.

a mere-mortal's crontab looks as follows

     Crontab Format:

Minute Hour Day Month DayOfWeek ThingToDo

Step 1) create a crontab file

kedit silly_file

*/1 * * * * ./testit # run something every minute  

step2) create testit

kedit testit

echo "hello" >a_file

step 3) change permissions

chmod 700 testit

step 4) fire cron

crontab silly_file

All other information is in crontab for superman