Linux Step By Steps

DIVX icon MPlayer, the opensource movie player

Written by Net Llama! and last updated on 27-December-2002.

This player should work on any Linux system with a 2.2.18 or 2.4.x kernel at least glibc-2.1 & at least XFree86-3.3.6.

This player will allow you to play movies that have traditionally been the domain of MS-Windows, AVI, MPEG ASF, WMV (Windows Media Player), Apple Quicktime & DIVX formats (with stereo sound).

Note, MPlayer will also play DVDs, however I recommend Xine for this purpose.

1) Everything that you will need to download can be found here:

2) You *must* download the following packages:
These are optional:
3) As the root user, bunzip2 the contents of the codec packages into /usr/lib/win32.

4) Uncompress & extract the contents of the MPlayer package.  Then enter the newly created MPlayer directory, and run the following:
Note that there are many, many more possible configuration options.  The above gives you the ability to use the GUI frontend.  Run "./configure --help | more " to see all the options, many of which are autodetected.
5) If you want the GUI front end, uncompress & extract the Skin(s) that you downloaded into /usr/local/share/mplayer/Skin

6) That should be all, now simply run mplayer and start watching movies!

There is also now an MPlayer plugin for Mozilla, which lets you watch the movies in your web browser. Look here for my SxS on how to install it.