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QuickTimeInstalling the MPlayer plugin for Mozilla
Written by Net Llama! on 27-January-2003.

Now that MPlayer can play all Apple Quicktime & MS-Media Player format movies, you'll probably want to show your MS-Windows friends how easy it is to watch the movies in Linux too.  This plugin will let you effortlessly watch all the movies that show up on the various sites, such as Apple's Trailer website.  If you use Gentoo, please see these Gentoo-specific instructions.  Here's what you need to do to make it work for any Linux distro:

1) Build & install a fully functional copy of MPlayer.  If you need help doing that, see my SxS here.
2) Download the plugin here.  I recommend grabbing the source tarball, however the RPM should work just fine, if that's what you're more comfortable with.
3) Either install the RPM, or extract the tarball archive that you downloaded in a temporary location, and then run 'make' to compile the plugin.
4) As root, copy into the plugins directory for Mozilla.  For example, on my boxes, I install Mozilla in /opt/mozilla/.  So, I would copy the file into /opt/mozilla/plugins.
5) (Re)start mozilla, and click on Help -> About Plugins from the menu.  You should see a section labeled "
mplayerplug-in ..." and it should say "YES" under the Enabled column.

That's it, you're all done!