Accessing a Fedora Logical Volume from Ubuntu

A while back, I started experimenting with Ubuntu after playing with Fedora. I decided to jump to Ubuntu and needed to move data from the Fedora-managed logical volume to Ubuntu. Here's what I did.

  1. Boot Ubuntu.
  2. Install lvm2:
    $ sudo apt-get install lvm2
  3. Load the necessary module(s):
    $ sudo modprobe dm-mod
  4. Scan your system for LVM volumes and identify in the output the volume group name that has your Fedora volume (mine proved to be VolGroup00):
    $ sudo vgscan
  5. Activate the volume:
    $ sudo vgchange -ay VolGroup00
  6. Find the logical volume that has your Fedora root filesystem (mine proved to be LogVol00):
    $ sudo lvs
  7. Create a mount point for that volume:
    $ sudo mkdir /mnt/fcroot
  8. Mount it:
    $ sudo mount /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 /mnt/fcroot -o ro,user
  9. Copied my files.